The TECHNOSET Company was founded in 1985 as a mold making machine shop and a design shop for new products.
  It soon developed into a plastic and metal bathroom accessories production. In due course, the company managed to become the largest unit producing bathroom accessories, offering over 300 different products.
  The company is located in Aspropyrgos, Attica, at a privately owned 4000 square meter site.
  The plastic products are made of top quality raw materials imported from European factories, thus providing high standard guarantee.

  The metal products are made of stainless steel st / st 304, and come with a 15 year guarantee for any malfunction, which is why we can safely recommend them for difficult situations.
  In an attempt to enlarge our product variety and solve all problems presented by the use of wood in the bathroom, we created a new series of products made of aluminum.
  Our efforts and long research are recognized in both the Greek and the international market, as shown from the high numbers of our sales.We hope you are too among our satisfied clients, and would like to thank you for your support through the years.

With Respect,
Aristos Gerogiannis